The 3 Day Intensives are currently held in a suite at the Residence Inn by Marriott    Plano/Richardson.

300 Silverglen Dr.

Plano, Tx  75075

Once you have been registered for the Intensive, you can reserve a room online at the hotel if you wish to stay overnight.

Open-Hearted Living 3 Day Intensive

This work is intense. This work is painful. But, well worth it.

I discovered Pia Melody's treatment model from the client side of the room when I was diagnosed with PTSD in the early 1990s. I personally believe her Family of Origin work is the most powerful method of healing we have.  As a clinician, I've witnessed my client's transformation, when weekly therapy couldn't reach into the places we needed to go. Clients with significant anxiety, those with major anger issues, and those with core shame, negative self identity have reported a darmatic internal shift. It's exciting and a privilege to witness. This work by Pia Melody has been offered for over 30 years at The Meadows treatment centers throughout the US. Many consider her model to be the the treatment model of success.

There is a maximum of 4 clients per 3 Day Intensive.

Intensives start on Friday at 9:00am and end Sunday at 6:00pm.

The cost is $2,100.00.

To register, please contact Laura:  lauralpc1@gmail.com 

What to expect?

The 3 Days are set up to allow a deepening psychological experience of safety. The group is kept very small for that reason. There is a Pre-Work Packet sent to each client in the two weeks prior to the Intensive. That work sets the stage for examining how our early experiences have shaped our current ways of relating to others, including ourselves.

Day One

On the first day, Laura will use the Pre-Work evaluation she did for each client, in preparation for the Intensive.The first morning is a time for learning key concepts and getting a sense of the work ahead. The afternoon is spent with clients working one at a time with Laura, as the other three participants are present. The intention is to allow the therapist to form a high level picture of what it was like to be you in your family system.

Day Two

On the second day, there are a few hours in the morning devoted to learning about the Relational Development and Maturity Model of Pia Melody. Clients make evaluations as to where they may be operating currently on the continuum, and why. A second experiential piece of therapy in the afternoon is an Integration piece. The area of unfinished work, identified on the first day, is integrated using imagery and coaching for compassion,  acceptance, and nurturing of the self. This work can be destabilizing, and the group has full permission- and encouraged -to use headphones, music, or reading to maintain emotional regulation in the presence of another person's process.  Safety for all is a top priority. All therapeutic work is done from the position of Functional Adult, without the scary intensity of rage or dissociation.

Day Three

The third day is primarily about feeling reduction work and the majority of clients find this day to be extremely powerful and freeing. This experience reduces the core shame carried by clients and allows clients to reduce any carried feelings from childhood. Clients with anger issues have reported a significant internal shift, with a dramatic reduction in reactivity across the board afterwards.