My Life Before Therapy

One thing that makes me slightly unique is that I've been on my own journey of growth and recovery for a long time, way before deciding to become a therapist. 25 years before in fact. Creating and enjoying a full, productive life with The Big Three (love, belonging, and connection), is my commitment to myself. Before I could be present for other people’s feelings – full time - I needed  to do my own work. I love what I do and I’m grateful for my former therapists, whose shoulders I now stand upon.

My Life After Therapy

Discover good therapy. If you haven't created a life you love, then get help.


EMDR – Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing
Incest Recovery
PTSD/ Trauma Recovery
Moral Injury Recovery
Transgender Issues
Anxiety/ OCD/ Panic Disorder
Trained in Psychodrama/Sociodrama
Trained in Sand Tray Therapy
Certified in ETT- Emotional Transformation Therapy
Advanced Trained in Imago Couples Therapy
Trained in Hoarding Disorder
Trained in Couples Sexuality

I’m honored to witness a client’s spirit coming back to life. Helping others navigate through pain to get to the other side is incredibly rewarding work. Because I am a trauma survivor, and  found the process of trauma recovery for myself, 25 years ago, I extend hope to others.  You can create a better life.  I try to pay attention to each client's perspective on life and what they'd like to have or change. Most trauma survivors have not learned how to develop or maintain lasting relationships.  I have several groups that provide my clients the support they need to do the work of recovery. EMDR and ETT accelerates the process and helps clients build more tools. I strive to provide a safe environment for clients to explore the beliefs and feelings that are limiting their growth and happiness or robbing them of peace. Becoming an authentic self may require changing behavior patterns or resolving emotional blocks, but it's worth the trouble.